Talks, guided tours, expertise

– all on the X53 programme

In a harmoniously designed space on the upper floor, the Community Lounge and DESIGN DISCOVERIES together provide a meeting point for those in search of discussion and inspiration. On the Saturday and Sunday, two Lounge Talks will take place there each day, moderated by Mirjam Smend of Greenstyle and Fashion Changers, Vreni Jäckle and Nina Lorenzen. The guest speakers will also be available for questions in the Lounge afterwards.

On the Monday, under the heading ‘Recommerce in practice: how secondhand models make sense – and sales’ and in collaboration with the Hessen Retail Association, the specialist panel will offer expert views from several different contexts.

In addition, fair organisers Jens Frey and Alexander Hitzel will lead two theme-based guided tours of the fair.

▶️ For now, we are expecting to hold the talks and tours in German, but if there is an interested English speaking audience, please don’t hesitate to come forward and ask for a change of language. Thank you!

We have made all talks from INNATEX 52 (summer 2023) available as a podcast episode for you to listen to (two of them in English):

INNATEX podcast

SATURDAY 20 January
11:00 – 11:30 am

Talk (German)

Sustainable growth
How can commercial success be achieved sustainably?

Growth and sustainability seem to be mutually contradictory. Despite missing its own climate goals, the fashion industry’s over-production runs into millions. But does company growth necessarily depend on rising production levels? What alternative business models and strategies might be available and what is meant by ‘degrowth’? A talk on sustainable concepts of growth.

Guests: Florina Thaler (CONSCI), Henning Siedentopp (mela wear GmbH)

Moderation: Nina Lorenzen (Fashion Changers)

SATURDAY 20 January
3:00 – 3:30 pm

Talk (German) – Programme Adjustment

How can we strengthen fair trade?

The protests of textile workers in Bangladesh highlight the urgent need for social justice in the fashion industry. EZA Fairer Handel GmbH, Austria’s largest import organization for fair products, has taken an intriguing approach with its own fashion brand, Anukoo. In conversation with moderator Vreni Jäckle, the pioneering company provides insights into 45 years of fair trade. Helen Deacon introduces her platform, tip me, in a video message, facilitating direct tip payments to workers.

Guests: Katharina Grafinger (Anukoo Fair Fashion), via video message: Helen Deacon (tip me – the global tip)

Moderator: Vreni Jäckle (Fashion Changers)

*The original topic of the talk has been slightly adjusted as one speaker unfortunately had to cancel.

SUNDAY 21 January
11:00 – 11:30 am

Talk (German)

Storytelling as a strategy
Find, formulate and exploit your brandpower for greater market relevance

For many Green Fashion labels, their only sales pitch is the work they put into sustainability. But it’s not enough. Target groups want to know how a product will improve their lives. What attitude to life does a design represent? How does the statement print generate brand identification? What vision does that special edition celebrate? Tell real-life stories and benefit from the intrinsic power of your brand.

Guests: Mara Javorovic (Textilwirtschaft), Anfisa Roumelidi (Anfisa Roumelidi), Yvonne Ley (Lanius)

Moderator: Mirjam Smend (Greenstyle)

SUNDAY 21 January
11:30 am

Guided tour

Storytelling case studies
Inspiration for collection, communication and point of sale

SUNDAY 21 January
3:00 – 3:30 pm

Talk (German)

Digital trends as an opportunity
The sector should not let such possibilities slip by

Everyone is talking about AI but what digital tools are truly worthwhile? From supply chain tracking, customisation and production techniques using AI through to community-building – digitalisation is literally opening up new worlds of customer loyalty, sales, manufacturing and transparency. Fashion designers and their colleagues can make their processes more efficient and more creative.

Guests: Christine Overbeck (C/OVER), Ilona Kötter (AMD AKADEMIE MODE & DESIGN)

Moderator: Mirjam Smend (Greenstyle)

SUNDAY 21 January
from 6 pm

X Winter Night 

Let’s celebrate!

MONDAY 22 January
10:30 – 11:30 am

Retail Association expert panel (German)

Recommerce in practice
How secondhand models make sense – and sales

Customer loyalty, marketing, additional sources of income – even aside from the ecological factors, the reselling of fashion items can yield added value at various different levels. Why is it that Green Fashion labels in particular, which genuinely seek to work in more sustainable ways, seem unable to make the concept their own? Instead, certain large corporates are exploiting recommerce for their own (greenwashing) campaigns. This expert panel devotes itself to the challenges and solutions, the opportunities in and preconditions of sensible implementation of this form of circular economy.

Guests: Julia Frings (IFH Köln), Janis Künkler (, Steffen Riegel (hessnatur), Silvio Zeizinger (Handelsverband Hessen)

Moderator: Mirjam Smend (Greenstyle)

MONDAY 22 January
11:30 am

Guided tour

Between eco-pioneers and young creatives
Modernity and tradition round out the market

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