PRESS RELEASE: How the 52nd INNATEX aims to activate the fashion industry

PRESS RELEASE: How the 52nd INNATEX aims to activate the fashion industry

Innovations en masse at the 52nd international trade fair for sustainable textiles.
How the 52nd INNATEX aims to activate the fashion industry

Frankfurt am Main, 18. July 2023 Current affairs, diversity, innovation and tradition: these parameters define the 52nd INNATEX which takes place July 29 to 31, 2023.  More than 200 green fashion labels present their collections during the international trade fair for sustainable textiles at the Messecenter Hofheim Rhein-Main. The short motto “NOW” points out the urgency of sustainable solutions motivating the current green fashion industry while encouraging conventional retailers to adopt a fresh perspective.

”There are many reasons for the retail trade to switch to sustainable products “, asserts Jens Frey, managing director of MUVEO GmbH, fair organizer. ”They begin with a positive positioning in a growing market and end with the responsibility of every economic entity to rethink its supply chains. Therefore, clearer than ever: the more NOW, the better “.

Moderator and cooperation partner Mirjam Smend, Greenstyle echoes this sentiment: “In order to reach our 1.5 degree goal, we must radically rethink fashion and consumption.“

Two guided tours organized by Jens Frey and project manager Alexander Hitzel, in cooperation with Handelsverband Hessen (Hessen Retail Association), demonstrate how promising a shift to sustainables can be. Regionality is a compelling selling point, which is why the guided tour on Monday showcases local labels. The first tour on Sunday introduces new brands from from both within Germany and abroad.

Inclusion comes in all shapes and sizes

MUVEO GmbH has introduced a size sorting in the on-line brand directory. ”Fashion can be a very exclusive business“, Alexander Hitzel points out.  ”INNATEX represents the exact opposite: enabling and encouraging diversity, as evidenced by our wide and impressive product portfolio which has something for all generations and preferences. It is only logical that we now include size in this diversity.“

Entirely in this vein, Berlin based Fashion Changers address the subject of size diversity to attract new consumer groups in a moderated talk on Saturday.  Sustainable but at the same time functional fabrics in active wear are the subject of another talk. INNATEX’s latest partnership with Vreni Jäckle and Nina Lorenzen expands and enhances the existing pool of partnerships.

Innovations in synthetics meet traditional natural fabrics

Our pool of cooperation partners includes long-standing member Mirjam Smend from the B2C Trade Fair and Greenstyle Agency. On Sunday, she and her guests will focus on hemp, a centuries old fiber now the focus of innovative approaches.  Another presentation will address how a considered positioning is a means to stand out from the masses.  Our Lounge Talks will include not only representatives of DESIGN DISCOVERIES but will offer the occasion for Lucas Fuhrmann (Revoltech), Sarah Malcus (FAIRMODEL), Sabine Hummel (Call me Bina) and Christine Fehrenbach (transformation and brand consultant) to share their insights.

”Creating the future  – City centres as experiential spaces for successful, sustainable concepts” is the title for Monday’s panel discussion, organized together with Handelsverband Hessen (Hessen Retail Association). During this expert panel, managing director Silvio Zeizinger and other professionals will share inspiration for developing new possibilities in the retail trade.

Six young discoveries and a community shirt

Six DESIGN DISCOVERIES cover a lot of ground: Seasick Swim creates circular swimwear.  The label Helena Harfst works exclusively with natural fabrics to create timeless pieces inspired by Hessian folklore. Sensihemp focuses on hemp as the basis for surf- and streetwear. Moreover, the selection features vegan accessories from Anne Schollenberger, yoga wear from Oh Oh Om, and lingerie from Casagin.

Presenting a first at this summer show: INNATEX initiates its own line: a shirt for the INNATEX community, a cooperation between MUVEO and exhibitor Greenbomb. Every fair is to offer a special T-shirt design to express the solidarity of the community. Proceeds go entirely to a non-profit partner organization such as, in this case, the association Europe Cares, which has been a partner since the winter trade fair.

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INNATEX is the only international trade fair for natural textiles in the world that offers a unique sales and communication platform not only to the traditional clothing sector but also to countless other textile product groups, including accessories, shoes, home textiles, fabrics, toys and many more. Since 1997, this fair for trade visitors has taken place twice a year – once in winter and once in summer – in Hofheim-Wallau near Frankfurt am Main. Since Spring 2014, Showroom events in Bern (Switzerland) have complemented the portfolio offered by trade fair organiser MUVEO GmbH.

The DesignDiscoveries project was developed for INNATEX by MUVEO GmbH to support selected newcomer labels and new exhibitors at the fair with subsidised stands and special business communication activities.

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