Winter 2023

Here you will find all talks of the 51st INNATEX (Winter 2023) as video recordings to listen to and watch! A talk every month – making the time pass a little faster up until the summer edition.

Talks are in German, subtitles can be displayed in English. To do this, click on the CC button at the bottom right of the videos and select English.

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From hemp to ocean plastic. How new and old materials are changing the future of fashion. 

Speakers: Luisa Hans (IVN), Liesel Swart (Lev’O1)
Moderator: Mirjam Smend (GREENSTYLE)

The Supply Chain Act.

The German Supply Chain Act has arrived. What does this mean? What can (must) each of us do?

Speakers: Axel Kolonko (Retraced), Christiane Strobel (Christiane Strobel Constant Clothing), Alexandra Svendsen (Alexandra Svendsen), Lilith Werner (Femnet e.V.)
Moderatior: Mirjam Smend (GREENSTYLE)

EXPERT-PANEL: Sustainable fashion as a success factor in retailing – how to get started?
In cooperation with the Hesse Retail Federation 

Speaker: Silvio Zeizinger (Hesse Retail Federation), Boris Hedde (IFH Köln), Laura Ott (Marlowe nature), Dr. Simone Spranz (Trachten-Spranz), Heike Hess (IVN)
Moderator: Mirjam Smend (GREENSTYLE)



Why it is so important and how to get closer to the circular goal.

Speakers: Julia Kline (The Sustainable Crowd), Charlotte Piller (Lotta Ludwigson), Heike Petersen (Wellicious)
Moderator: Mirjam Smend (GREENSTYLE)


How to position my brand credibly in an ever more ‘sustainable’ market.

Speakers: Julia Kline (The Sustainable Crowd), Anna Voelske (Fairmodel), Juliane Ziegler (GOTS)
Moderator: Mirjam Smend (GREENSTYLE)

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